Cards Against Mars

Act 1: The Stupid Backstory

It was a regular evening in Pasadena, California that was about to change history. History-changing evenings are kinda common here. There were some friends together playing Cards Against Humanity. There was a house rule that if you drew a blank white card, you could put a post-it note on it and write in an answer.

@doug_ellison seized the moment. He wrote down “Curiosity hopelessly impaled on a pointy rock.”

While under the influence of Mars time, @cirquelar and @PlanetaryKeri then got together and dumped a lot of cards out of their terrifyingly horrible and moderately brilliant minds. And thus, Cards Against Mars was born. It started as inside jokes about Mars, but quickly expanded to cover other aspects of space nerddom and science fiction.

For years now, @PlanetaryKeri has been harassed to release a public version. And so here it is. This version includes cards that should be understood by anyone remotely interested in space.

Act 2: Lawyers Destroy Fun

Luckily Cards Against Humanity says we can release our shitty version of the game as long as we don’t profit, and we don’t care about getting your money. To be precise, Cards Against Humanity is available under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0 license, and the PDFs below are based on Cards Against Humanity. It should be obvious but Cards Against Mars isn’t affiliated or endorsed by Cards Against Humanity, NASA, JPL, or any other organization you can think of.

Act 3: What You Actually Care About

Cards Against Mars is an unofficial expansion pack for Cards Against Humanity. It is available in a variety of formats: PDF—Adobe's Painful Document Format and ASCII—the format from the days when people actually went to the moon.

Epilogue: For A Good Time, Call